GIS-expert and Cartographer


I am a dedicated geospatial professional with experience in GIS, spatial analysis, and cartography since 2014 Throughout my career, I have served in various capacities within international organizations, local governments, and academia, focusing on mapping and tools for informed policymaking.

Currently, I support pollution reduction efforts for Noord Holland’s local government in the Netherlands. My academic background includes a Geography Bachelor’s (University of Vienna) and a Master’s in Cartography from four European Universities (TU München, ITC at University of Twente, TU Vienna, TU Dresden).

I am passionate about merging technology and design, creating geospatial tools and visuals to effectively communicate complex data. I am a lifelong learner, always looking to expand my knowledge and build new connections.
In my free time, you can find me active in the geospatial community on Twitter/X, Mastodon, and Instagram. Feel free to connect with me there!